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Explosive Deslagging Services

  Blasting Solutions, Inc. (BSI) utilizes explosives primarily to deslag boilers using coal, wood or fuel oil. Typical applications include the removal of slag, clinkers, pendant build-up, and webbing between the tubes (gas passages), furnace throat plugs, and other hard deposits normally requiring manual labor to remove. Many of these deposits overhang work areas and pose severe hazards to personnel entering the furnace during an outage. Build-up in gas passages also impede safe repair and decrease operating efficiency.

     Our service uses the controlled detonation of explosives, prior to personnel entry, to remove these hazards and allow for the safe completion of cleaning and repair operations. BSI's trained professionals first examine your system to determine precisely what types of charges are needed for the best results. We use a non-electric system to eliminate the possibility of accidental detonation by static electricity or radio interference.

     Explosive removal of build-up in back pass areas eliminates or minimizes the need for traditional water cleaning and the associated cementing of runoff material. Both hard and soft materials are removed along with the webbing that can build up between the tubes.

     After explosive cleaning is completed, the resulting debris is usually small enough to be removed from the ash hoppers by the plant crusher equipment.

     Compared to conventional removal, explosive deslagging is up to three times faster. Additionally, BSI emphasizes performance driven rates instead of hourly rates to facilitate a "get in, get the job done safely, and get out" attitude within the company. These facts result in a significant time savings and reduced costs due to lost generation for plants during both emergency and scheduled outages.

     Once the process is completed, heat transfer and control are greatly increased resulting in less downtime, increased productivity and reduction in maintenance costs throughout the year.

     BSI is committed to providing the best trained, best equipped, safest explosives professionals in the business. Our supervisors have over 150 combined years in the explosives field and our technicians go through a rigorous training program to ensure a safe and productive environment on the job. Additionally, BSI stresses research and development by continually improving processes and exploring new and innovative ways to operate safely and efficiently.