"The Difficult Is Easy, The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer."

Explosive Deslagging Services

The Difficult Is Easy, The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer

Explosive Deslagging

Blasting Solutions, Inc. (BSI) utilizes explosives primarily in the deslagging of boilers using coal, wood, or fuel oil. Typical applications include the removal of slag, clinkers, pendant build-up, and webbing between the tubes (gas passages), furnace throat plugs, and other hard deposits normally requiring manual labor to remove. Many of these deposits overhang work areas and pose severe hazards to personnel entering the furnace during an outage. Build-up in gas passages also impede safe repair and decrease operating efficiency.

Our Team

We are a woman owned Business staffed by an awesome group of explosives technicians and supervisors with years of experience in blasting and explosive ordnance.

Employing techs with a background in explosives, including many veterans of the US Armed Forces has allowed us to implement new and effective training techniques for our employees to provide the best service possible.




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- Show Low, AZ

- Fair Oaks, CA

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Area of Operations

BSI headquarters are in Syracuse, Utah, with offices in Fair Oaks, California; Show Low, Arizona; Bismarck, North Dakota; Naveer, Florida; and White, Georgia. We currently work in over 15 different states, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We continue to grow and expand every year, along with ongoing research and development, including online shooting.


BSI is committed to providing the best trained, best equipped, safest explosives professionals in the industry. Our supervisors have 150 combined years of experience in the explosives field and our technicians go through a rigorous training program to ensure a safe and productive environment on the job.


  Compared to conventional removal, explosive deslagging is up to three times faster. Additionally, BSI emphasizes performance driven rates instead of hourly rates to facilitate a "get in, get the job done safely, and get out" attitude within the company. These facts result in significant time savings and reduced costs due to lost generation for plants during both emergency and scheduled outages.

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If you are looking for more information on our services or our team, please check out our About Us section for information. Any additional questions or requests for a quote can be directed to our main line or to one of our Account Managers. Additionally, please utilize our contact form to get in touch for more information.

Information on Employment

For more information on employment with Blasting Solutions Inc., please utilize the contact form. If you are interested in applying for a position at Blasting Solutions Inc., please email a resume and cover letter to resumes@bsincorp.com.